CryptNET: Peer Cache Daemon

This project uses The Strong Distribution Model for security.


CryptNET Peer Cache Daemon (CPCD) is a distrubted caching system for dynamic p2p network peers. It is an implementation of the gWebCache protocol written by Hauke Dämpfling. CryptNET PCD participates in the Gnutella web cache network. Gnutella web caches are kept up to day by Gnutella servlets which support the cache protocol.

When a cache supporting Gnutella servlet boots and finds that it is unable to connect to another Gnutella node, it can contact a Gnutella web cache and download a list of active Gnutella nodes currently accepting connections and other active Gnutella web caches. Typically 20 cache urls and 50 Gnutella node addresses are served for each client.

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Full installation instructions can be found in the CryptNET Peer Cache Administrative Manual.

Due to the fact that you may encounter much more traffic than you're expecting, it is highly advisable to set up cpcd on a sub domain name of its own.

To announce your cache to the world, you may submit it at the bottom of John Atkins's cache scan webpage. Submitting your cache url there will also result in it being added to the cache scan report which gives very good data about the status of your cache and the validitity of the data it is serving.


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